Besan Ladoo

a.k.a. an ode to chickpea flour, or besan. It’s gluten-free and just basically ground chickpeas but you can turn it into flatbread, pancakes or thicker souffle-type cakes.

I’ve been obsessed! It all started with socca, pictured below, a recipe I would have shared a long time ago except it changes each time I make it. Sometimes I thin it down for really crispy crepes, sometimes I fill a cake pan with it and broil until firm like I did below for something that takes no  effort. It’s great to eat instead of rice with your favorite curries or even by itself, I adore the nutty flavor. However, be warned that not all chickpea flour is made the same. I find that the variety you find at Indian markets are much more finely ground and you can get away with not soaking the dough for 2 hours, which is what you’ll typically see with recipes that involve chickpea flour. Indian varieties are ground much more finely.


It wasn’t until I realized I would eat a porridge of this stuff (I know I am in the minority), and wondered if it was safe to eat raw or not, before I even considered making besan ladoo. I was in the mood for something sweet, something nutty and something now.

besan-ladoo | food-verse

So I turned my bag of chickpea flour into this two-bite dessert. It crumbles apart and tastes like a cross between a marzipan, tahini and honey. I should have made the whole batch!

besan-ladoo | food-verse



Thanksgiving Recap

I have these beautiful pictures with no home, so I’ll make them a home. They can stay right here along  with the rest of my food memories.

The three types of bread I thought were necessary to make the Ultimate Stuffing.
Next year, I’m going with brioche.


Topping my mac & cheese chock full of broccoli bits and garlic with toasted panko breadcrumbs.


A store-bought crust, poured with melted chocolate and with homemade pumpkin filling.


Swedish Meatballs

In my opinion, Swedish meatballs are the highest form of meatballs. I’d take them over spaghetti and meatballs, albondigas, or meatball subs any day.. call me crazy. Two secrets to the softest meatballs on the planet: grate your onion, and soak your breadcrumbs in milk. It’s actually much better if you use white bread but I don’t keep it in the house and these came out great, I just added a little more milk than the original recipe called for.

Swedish Meatballs | (more…)

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant Parmesan is one of those dishes filled with soul. Deceptively full of calories, but oh-so-worth-it. It’s no easy feat either, breading and frying all those rounds of eggplant just to layer them and smother them in tomato sauce and cheese. But it’s done with love. Nobody makes eggplant parm because it’s easy or fun, well I suppose that depends what your idea of fun is. They do it because they know that at the end of it, it will be worth it.

My version involves less frying, less calories and is much less time intensive than the original recipe (forgive me nonna) but all with the same great flavors, I promise. (more…)

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers

Vegan Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers |

I’ve been obsessing over the idea of finding a good black bean burger recipe. This one uses flax seeds as a binder rather than eggs and is chock full of goodies like caramelized onions and mushroom. I didn’t want to add eggs because if you’re making a vegetarian meal, might as well make it vegan; I also didn’t want to add breadcrumbs or rice because we are sandwiching these between two buns after all.

They’re baked rather than fried and hold up nicely. The edges of the patties get nice and chewy and deeply sweet from the natural sugars of the sweet potato but the inside stays soft and doesn’t dry out. The sweet potato carries the smoky spices well and it ends up tasting grilled or barbecued. (more…)

Ghormeh Sabzi (Persian beef stew)

Gormeh Sabzi |
Gormeh sabzi is a dish that made it’s way into my kitchen solely by it’s reputation. I had been seeing it pop up in my feed and as any foodie would do, I Google’d the recipe. When I saw how accessible the ingredients were and how easy the recipe was (it includes a slow cooker for crying out loud), there was no stopping me. I was in.

I’ve never had the luxury of having gormeh sabzi prepared for me by a jolly Persian Mama so all I can attest to is my first experience with it and … it’s good. It’s a different version of melt in your mouth stewy meat but rather than being heavy and tomato-based, it’s bright and lemony. Perfect to eat over rice. (more…)

Dan Bing (Taiwanese Egg Crepe)

Dan Bing Taiwanese Egg Crepe | FOOD-VERSE.jpg

When I first saw this recipe floating around on the internet, it took over me. It was Taiwanese street food with ingredients I already had at home. It wasn’t a question of if I was making it, it was when. 

Dan Bing Steps | FOOD-VERSE.jpg

It reminded me of a Korean rolled omelet side dish I grew up eating but with an added crepe! Egg, crepe, Asian street food that you can eat with your hands! Whenever utensils are optional I can hardly contain my excitement. (more…)